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Next EVEnt

25 - 28 april / nancy'S celebration Lab

This event was born from the desire to celebrate and research the teachings of Nancy Stark Smith, pioneer of Contact Improvisation.
We will do it around the anniversary of his passing. An annual event now that leads us to return to the steps taken to look at where this very lively material can still accompany us.We want to honor the research to which Nancy has dedicated her whole life, inviting people who have met her in their training and profession.
This year we will have a special guest, Angela Mara Florant, CI artist, researcher, and teacher; accompanying her in the co-hosting will be Cristina Crippa, visual artist and performer as well as one of the teachers on the Italian scene.
We will have 3 days to immerse ourselves in research, a time to let ourselves be crossed and inhabited by information, images, and shared tasks that will modify our perception and our being in the body, to become permeable and dance as you are.
Angela Mara Florant
Cristina Crippa
arrive on Thursday 25 April at 3 pm
departure on Sunday 28 April at 5 pm
(overnight is possible with a ma)
@Podere Calcinaia, Castelnuovo Berardenga, Tuscany, Italy


The house has a wooden practice room, outdoor dancefloor, nice kitchen, and cozy shared room. 

We are on an organic farm surrounded by wood forest, olive fields, and vineyard Tuscany landscape! Perfect for chilling, walking, and exploring!

Podere Calcinaia, Castelnuovo Berardenga, Siena

We are in the countryside 6 km near Castelnuovo Berardenga village, 20 minutes from the main city called Siena which you can reach easily by train or bus from Florence/Pisa or Rome.

Near train station is Castelnuovo Berardenga, 15 minutes from Siena.




SAMUEL NICOLA FUSCA’ / Artistic director


He has been dancing since he was a child, an old photo remind him at the age of 5 in front of a concert where he left a hole in the ground. Since then he has explored ballet first, then theater and various group sports. He returns to contemporary dance in 2010 and then begins a training course in physical theater / performing arts in Turin with Philip Radice which lasted until 2014.

Instead, from 2011 he meets contact improvisation dance which definitively enters his life. He never stops chasing her between the various continents, he attends festivals, teachers of various origins and in 2019 he decides to go directly to New York and then Earthdance in Massachusetts.

He gets to know Nancy Stark Smith personally and he manages to interview her in the CQ studios, still today he doesn’t know how it happens!

Since 2018 he has been sharing his passion for Contact Improvisation dance, more or less casually, mixing it with everything he has gone through in life. In 2022, in a Taiji-Qi Gong retreat with Sarah Tulivu, he was struck by the idea of founding a place where CI is at home.

50dayscontactdance is born in springtime 2022, a retreat research and sharing program in the remote and beautiful Tuscany countryside.


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He graduated from the University of Siena in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology. Since then, has becomes to study performing arts at the University of performing arts of Turin for two years. Here he had led to physical theatre Lecoq’s pedagogy and creation methodology. After that he followed an intensive program of dance and choreography at the Biennale Danza of Venice and Azione/Volcano – Network for professional dancer meeting several international teachers as Doriana Crema, Salva Sanches, Cindy Van Acker, Thomas Hauert, Cesc Gelabert, Charlie Morrissey, Martin Keogh, and many others.

He has been a dedicated practitioner of Contact Improvisation for the last 6 years and is grateful for the teachings who received in the most important festival around the world. Samuel founded statolento in 2015, a dance/theatre company and centered is work around the concept of slowness and proximity with a specific environment and population.

For years runs a group of artist in the Cavallerizza Reale Cultural Space in Turin with the aim of developing art for social changes and political critics.

Over the last year, Samuel has been teaching C.I. and Theatre to community members and professional in Italy, Mexico and Colombia, helping to transform their vision as performers as well as a human being.

In 2018 he traveled for six months in Colombia researching about community life and violence among native population and campesinos.

Contact me

Write to me to propose a workshop, if you need space for a residence or any others idea. Reach out and let’s do it!

info@50dayscontactdance.com whatsapp +39 347.7137272

A place to be home, while moving.